From time to time, you may find that your windows and doors are in need of a little repair work. At Accessible, we work with homes all across Dublin and surrounding counties to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

Some of our most common repairs include:

  • Fogged up glass – replacements

    • When your glass becomes fogged up – it is time to replace. We can carry this out easily and quickly, using a rated glass.

  • Door Handles

    • Whether it is broken or jammed, we can have your handles fixed in no time.

  • Window Handles

    • Window handles can be easier to break due to their size. We stock a variety in different colours to ensure that they are repaired as soon as possible.

  • Broken window hinges – including fire openings

    • There are different types of hinges, depending on the style of window. We look after most types, simply call us today.

  • Broken door hinges

    • Whether it is from an intruder, or simply a general wear and tear, we can replace all types of door hinges.

  • Faulty Locks – keys broken / stuck etc.

    • Is your door catching? Key snapped in the cylinder? We look after it all at Accessible.

  • Patio door wheels

    • A patio door that is sticking or not rolling smoothly can be very annoying. Our experts can have this fixed in no time.

  • Letterboxes

    • Letterboxes can be damaged when handled roughly. In the event your letterbox breaks, we can get a replacement and fit it as soon as possible.

We carry a range of parts so that repair work is carried out fast. In the event we do not have a particular part, we can order in for fast delivery.